<a href="http://os.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=06/03/20/2050223">Interview: Theo de Raadt of OpenBSD</a>

NewsForgeの記事。Theo de Raadt氏にしては珍しく、最後まで非常に折り目正しく受け答え…かと思いきや、最後にドカンと一発。

If you want to judge any entity particularly harshly, judge Sun. Yearly they hold interoperability events, for NFS and other protocols, and they include SSH implementation tests as well. Twice we asked them to cover the travel and accommodation costs for a developer to come to their event, and they refused. Considering that their SunSSH is directly based on our code, that is just flat out insulting. Shame on you Sun, shame, shame, shame.

I will say it here -- if an OpenSSH hole is found that applies to SunSSH, Sun will not be informed. Or maybe that has happened already.